FAQs & Contacts

How do I join Ride on Belfast 3?
There are no tickets – just turn up and ride! There are event pages on Facebook and Google+ which you can join and share to encourage your friends to take part – see the Social media page.

How much is the entry fee?
Ride on Belfast is free – even the breakfast won’t cost you a penny!

Wait, there’s a free breakfast?
Yes, a free breakfast is courtesy of DRD Travelwise and Belfast City Council, and supplied on the day by various vendors. When you arrive at City Hall you’ll get a voucher to use.

Will the roads be closed?
No, we’re riding on the streets of Belfast in general traffic.

Is it safe?
Belfast doesn’t have a lot of safe cycling space, so you’ll be riding on the road at your own risk. You’ll need to be confident and take whatever safety precautions you feel are necessary. But we’ll all look out for each other. Have a look at the route on the Join the ride page, or better still ride the route in advance to give yourself an better idea.

Is this Critical Mass?
No. It’s Ride on Belfast.

Are we taking back the roads?
No, we’re just riding our bicycles like any other day – just with lots more people. Stick to the rules of the road, unless directed otherwise by one of the PSNI Officers on bicycles who like to join us for Ride on Belfast. They’ll be concentrating on keeping you safe – try not to become the focus of their attention.

Will there be feeder rides?
Check out the Getting there page for more information on any feeder rides being organised, or get involved in organising one yourself!

Who is organising the main ride?
It’s a joint effort by The Fréd Festival, Northern Ireland Greenways, supported by Belfast City Council and DRD Travelwise, and made possible by all of the participants.

Who made that lovely Ride On Belfast logo?
That was Katriona Designs, or @kats_pajamas on Twitter 🙂


Contact The Fréd Festival by email or on Twitter@thefredfestival.

Contact Northern Ireland Greenways by email or on Twitter @nigreenways.