Getting there

Feeder rides

Are you daunted by the prospect of cycling to #ROB3 in Belfast’s rush hour traffic? Why not organise to travel part of the way to the gathering point in a group? Use the #ROB3 hashtag on Twitter or the Bikefast Facebook page to suggest meeting points. Here’s 4 possible locations to kick off the discussion..

Belfast Bikes

This year we have the benefit of 300 public hire bicycles dotted around Belfast. If you haven’t already signed up to the Coca Cola Zero Belfast Bikes scheme you can get an annual membership for £20 or a 3 day pass for £5. The rental stations are shown on the map above, and what better way to Ride On Belfast than by Belfast Bike?

By train

The lovely folks at Translink / Northern Ireland Railways have relaxed their morning restrictions on carriage of bicycles on trains for the second Ride On Belfast in a row. You may be able to bring your bike on the train – here’s the official word:

“Bikes can travel on early services into Belfast on Friday 19 June but journeys with bikes would need to be completed before 0745 hours.”

However it’s worth bearing in mind this is still a risk – only 4 bicycles can be carried per 3-carriage train, so trains may fill to capacity before they reach Belfast. Here’s a handy map of the qualifying train services on the morning of #ROB3: