Previous years

On Friday 19th June 2015 we Ride On Belfast for the third year in a row – here’s some idea of what’s gone before..


The Fréd Festival hatched a plan to piggyback the annual Travelwise breakfast morning for cyclists by organising a group ride through Belfast.

The Fred Festival

70 plucky participants made the trip from the Gasworks to City Hall, with around 100 people at the breakfast event. Fréd took a short video of the turn into Wellington Place..

Ride on Belfast


Building on the success of the first year, Fréd aimed to make Ride On Belfast 2 the “biggest peloton in Belfast since the Giro d’Italia” just one month previous. The sheer volume of bicycles racked up outside Belfast City Hall showed what a triumph it was..

The main ride from the Gasworks contained more than 100 people, and around 200 made it to the breakfast event. Ride On Belfast 2 managed to get a personalised weather forecast from BBC NI, had the Transport Minister as the lead-out rider, and expanded to a longer route around the city.

Read all about Ride On Belfast 2 on the NI Greenways blog.